Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So i'm having a bit of a dilema, My hair has been every shade of color you can imagine and i don't know what color i like it.
Its about time to dye it again and i cant decide if i should just keep it blonde or go back to one of my many shades.

Pro's to keeping it blonde:
• I've never had it this light and its kind of fun
• Some days it looks pretty decent
• Its summer and the lighter my hair is the tanner i look.
• Its a change from the usual

• Some days it looks like a really terrible bleaching job (slightly orange and gross)
• I always told myself i would never go blonde
• I dont feel true to myself

which shade of hair does everyone like?!
Also, Should i cut my bangs again? (see photo#9)










#11-gross orange bad dye job color


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Dating world

I feel like I am always trapped in a Crappy little love triangle.

I like a boy
he likes someone else,
who doesn't like him but likes another boy.
A boy likes me,
I like someone else,
A friend likes the boy that likes me,
but the boy doesn't like them.
the boy i like is just not into me.

Why we put ourselves through this, I don't know.
Dating Sucks. The end.

Monday, July 13, 2009

EFY... all summer long!!!

For a couple weeks this summer I have had the chance to be an EFY counselor. I knew i would have fun doing it, because i loved going to EFY. But there is so much more as a counselor that you get out of it, it really is so amazing!

Week #1
My first week was in Salt Lake City at the U. It was so intimidating trying to teach for the first time in my life, but so rewarding! I had 6 girls that were darling. They were all so strong in their testimonies. I felt like i learned more from them than they learned from me!

From left to right: Alyssa, Brittany, Taylor, Me, Kristy, Jackie, Breanna

I Also Had two Awesome Co Counselors, Anna and Jeff. They taught me so much! Jeff is such a sweetheart and a gentleman. Anna was just as amazing! She is so cute, so smart and i love her to death!

This is the whole company! Our name was 'Sure Foundation' We took 1st place in the banner and 2nd in the cheer competition. They Were Great!

This is Claire. She was one of Anna's girls, but i learned so much from here! she is an amazing young girl with a strong testimony! I Loved getting to know her throughout the week!

Week #2
My second week was even more amazing. I knew what i was doing, what i wanted to do and i felt like i really made a difference to m girls. I had 7 girls this week, i was suppose tohave 10 but 3 didnt show up. Each one of them struggled with there testimony in some area so i felt like i was there to help then and was alot better as a counselor than the 1st week. I know that they felt the spirit though the week and grew so much!
pizza night! Firehouse! YUM!

Left to right: Karie, Liz, Allie, Me, Melanie, Majken, Kait, Jenny

I only had one co couselor, His name was Shane. He was hilarious and always said the most awkward things.

I also got really really close to my boys this week. They were all so cute! It was so fun to hang out with them all week long!

Top left: Derik, Nick, Matt, Quinn, Josh, Casey, Matt, KJ, Karson missing: Chris

Our session director also did in awesome job! Brother Lowe and his wife were amazing and participated in everything!

brother lowe singing a song that goes "blame it on the chocolate chip cookies, blame it on the chocolate chips. Blame it on the chocolate cookies.. cause i had to get the chocolate off your lips....... WITH A NAPKIN"

Company name: Become strong!

Service project Friday!

Lunch Time

I also had an awesome roommate, Her name is Kylie! I love her so much! She is a great counselor and so cute!

stage crew for the variety show