Saturday, July 24, 2010

Now I remember

I forgot how much I love So you think you can dance because I havent watched it for the last couple seasons... but this dance is freakin AMAZING! I watched it like 4 times I love it so much. i'm super happy its now on Hulu.

Watch it... and love it...

Alex is freakin' amazing.

The embedding is being weird, so if it doesnt work.... {click here}

Friday, July 23, 2010

Feelin' Crafty.

The last couple weeks I have run across some sweet blogs that I have fallen in love with. They have so many cute do it yourself projects! A couple days ago i ran across this picture {found here} :
I thought it was super cute, and although it wasnt a DIY project, I decided to try my hand at it. So I went to the DI after work today and picked up an XL sweatshirt from the mens section and a cute patterned shirt to go alot with it.

After cutting and sewing and resewing and cutting and accidentally sewing the pocket shut.... Here is how it turned out.

Sorry about the dirty mirror and the blank expression on my face.

I can decide if I want to add buttons or a draw string or just leave it the way it is, but i think i found my new 'I dont feel like getting ready, so I will just throw on this comfortable shirt' outfit!

I think I'll go dye my hair now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where did all my time go?

So I totally thought that after i graduated I would have 10x more TIME to do the things I wanted. After all, being an art major required all nighters and 3 hour classes, so logically I would.... I was so wrong. I was spoiled with way TOO MUCH time my last semester of school by only having classes on thursday. Now I work full time. I get up at 715 every morning and go to bed on average at 1130 every night. I come home at five, eat some dinner and usually clean something or do some laundry and before I know it, its time to go to bed. As a result in this lack of time I....

.... Usually only check facebook once really fast before I go to bed.

.... Go a week or more between each of my journal entries (which I use to be super diligent about writing everyday).

.... Have yet to find a social scene on the weekdays, therefore I feel like it is not even summer yet.

.... Dont exercise as regularly as I should.

.... am way tired all the time.

.... tend to give up sleeping time to write, because I miss blogging.

Maybe I can train my body to live off of less than 8 hours of sleep.... maybe not.

Also one last thing (spoiler alert for anyone that hasnt watched the bachlorette yet and doesnt want to know who got kicked off):

I am super sad that Kurt got kicked off. I think he is so cute. Maybe he will be the next bachelor? I would watch for sure.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogging... because I cant sleep

Its 12:30 and I am not tired at all. I have to get up for work at 7, but I tried going to bed and I have just been laying here for an hour. I am going to go ahead and blame my weekend of staying out late for this one. So what do I do when I cant sleep? Blog.

There has been a couple things on my mind as of lately.

#1. Holy Cow! I am not a photogenic person, at all. I was in like 80 pictures this weekend and I think I look decent in MAYBE 10. Its not like I think i am a terrible looking person, but when I am in front of a camera its like no side is my 'good side'.

This was one of the few that I looked decent in haha.

#2 I also realized this weekend how much I identify with this character:

Abad is from the tv series 'community' If you have never heard of it, watch this link: Click Here. He only relates to people through Movies. Every 10 minutes or so this weekend I was quoting some movie, or Tv show, or youtube video, or comedian.... I feel like if it weren't for all these ridiculous quotes stored up in my head, I'd have nothing to say 60% of the time.

#3 more soul searching... Its proven useless to me. I keep learning things about myself but I am still stuck in this stupid rutt .... in kaysville. but whatever, I have now turned my attention to worrying about other people. So many people i have been talking to lately are going through the same things as me, or at least things that are very similar. Why do we all go through this at this age. It totally sucks. But I heard a quote tonight from one of the 'mormon messages' that I liked, It said: 'Trust in God and believe in good things to come'. I love that, cause its true. Eventually things will get better as long as my trust is placed in someone that has been through it, that is all knowing and that can see the big picture.

#4. I love the bachelorette. I am sad Allie kept Chris instead of Ty, but really I didnt want any of them to go home. I hope she ends up with Roberto. He's my favorite... Or Kurt, I love him too. Frank was my favorite in the beginning, but hes starting to get on my nerves with all the doubting that is going on. I cant wait to see who the next Bachelor will be... because I love all the guys in the final 4.... Also, it doesn't surprise me that things didn't work out with Jake and Vienna. All of america could see that she was still immature and not good for him, why couldnt he?
Roberto and Kurt

#5 Lastly, I came to the realization that I have gotten way too casual in my 'appearance' lately. I have stopped caring really what I look like, I just throw on some loose Tshirt and some jeans and go. I use to care alot more and love to get ready in the mornings. I think it needs to go back to being that way. So I went shopping today, Resisted the urge to buy more oversized t-shirts and bought a couple new 'nicer' shirts. So hopefully having some new clothes will help?

Ok, Im gonna try and go back to sleep.... again.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy birthday America

I love the 4th of July. I think it may be my favorite holiday. I love the parades, the gatherings, the swimming, and most of all the fireworks. I love when you are so close that when the fireworks explode you feel like they are flying straight at you. There is nothing better than finding a sweet spot right under them so you can feel the boom in your chest, and the ash rains down on you. We totally found a spot that good this year!

This is a picture of Drew and Sage (and my feet) laying down watching the fireworks... and that smoke is where they lit the fireworks off from...

This is looking straight up into the sky. Such a perfect night. Only thing that would have made it better was maybe having a boy there, but whatever, it was still AWESOME!

The other great thing about this weekend is that I get my first paid holiday! Wahoo! Another fun fill day before I have to go back to working. So I guess in honor of that I will show you a picture of my Cube and my coworker whom I share the Cube with...

This is misty. She is awesome and hilarious. She is going to have a baby in like a week and then I will be all alone in my cubical. This is my beautiful computer (27" imac baby!) and desk.. and my little bamboo plant. I hope he is still alive when I get back to work Tuesday... I forgot to give him lots of water for the long weekend.