Friday, February 19, 2010

childhood game meets love song

Ha Ha, my sister showed me this song today.... So funny and so great. We have listened to it like 5 times in the last half an hour.

Listen to it, and love it.

Best line: "when we slide together we generate sparks in our wheels and our hearts"... love it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nothing to Blog about.

Well, I havent written a post for the last week or so, because I haven't had anything amazing happen to me. But i feel like I need to document something...So here are a few Random things that have been on my mind lately.

#1: My birthday present from my parents:

I finally got a new Digital camera.
My other one was a piece.... So I'm so happy to have a better one!

#2: I love my major.

This is what my homework looks like. For the last couple hours I have spent my time flipping through magazine looking at trends and things that inspire me.

#3: Brazil

I leave in like 3 weeks. March 11th. I cant even wait. I still have like $500 to raise, but its coming in slowly but surely. I cant wait to go see everything. The falls, Curitiba, and Rio de jainero.

#4 Cake Decorating

What a fun hobbie I have picked up. I wish i could do it more and i had more time... but seriously, its SO fun. Disregard all the ugly colors on my cake. They are terrible. Im just learning ok!?

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm 22!

I know I have already blogged about how great my friends are, but seriously, I have some of the best roommates and friends in the whole world.

Growing up, I never had the best birthdays. They weren't terrible, except for one, where i invited like 15 friends and only one showed up, that one was rough; and I guess ever since that one, I have never really liked doing anything for my birthdays, for fear of being that disappointed again. My birthdays were just usually forgotten, so now February 10th is just another day of the year.

However, the last two years I have lived with some of the greatest girls in the whole world. Last year my birthday was great. We just planned on going to dinner as roomies; but little did i know that my best friend, Kiley, was planning a surprise party for me. We got home from dinner and there were a bunch of people at our apartment to celebrate and to have cake and ice cream.

Some of the friends that showed up for my birthday last year

This year my birthday rolled around and I really didnt expect to do anything spectacular for it, So again, we went to Lunch as roommates and had cake and ice cream that night with a couple of them. It was a good birthday spent with some of my closest friends.

Everyone at Lunch at Kamin Thai

My Cake

I also have the funniest roommates... Ashlee gave me a dream catcher, Tera gave me the makings of French onion soup, and Caitlin gave me three movies that i havent seen since my childhood.... So funny!

Today they pulled it again, They threw me another surprise party. Once again, I was oblivious to EVERYTHING. We went to the hot springs and when I walked in the door and everyone screamed surprise.

I really am the luckiest girl to have such great friends. It makes me way sad to think that in 3 short months we will all be going our separate ways. Thanks guys, for being so great!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FB flirting?

So, I am at work. Bored out of my mind.

I have a great job where really I can pick and choose when I come in and when I leave. I work in the TSC, and park my car in the Blue lot right next to the student center. This particular lot has a 2 hour parking limit before you have to start paying to get out. I really didn't feel like coming to work today, or doing any homework, but I knew that I really needed to get some stuff done. So I parked my car and the 2 hour time limit came up (which is usually when i go outside leave the parking lot and come back in) Today however I knew that i needed to stay and I don't have any cash to pay to get out, so i stayed over my time limit as to force myself to keep working until 9:30 when the gate opens and I can get out for free. (as you can see im working hard)

I was just sitting here conceptualizing about my project I'm about to start on, when this facebook chat popped up..... (I blurred it to spare this particular boys feelings, in case anyone knows him.) He added me as a friend a couple weeks ago, and he looked familiar, so i accepted his facebook friendship request. Turns out i was wrong... I dont know him.
ok, I know that it was a lie when I said I cant chat at work, I really just didn't want to talk to him right then.

As i am sitting here thinking about this, its a little hard to really believe that this is what the world has come to. This would never and has never happened to me in real life. A complete stranger has never walked up to me on the street and said: "hey beautiful, care to chat?" and honestly, I dont think it ever will happen. But somehow, i have been hit on by complete strangers on myspace and facebook over and over. (Granted my picture is not even me right now.. its a celebrity, maybe they are blown away by ashlee simpsons beauty)

I just think that the internet or texting is not an excuse for boys to somehow become pansies. Ok, i get it, Rejection hurts. Boys have to deal with that more than girls usually, but seriously. I'm way more likely to like a guy that mans up and says "hey, wanna go on a date with me" rather than asking me if i want to hang out and then somehow turns it into a date by paying for me. Or having a friend ask me out for them (not just set up with–thats normal. but a guy i went out with actually asked the girl that set us up to ask me out on the second date). I know I cant speak for every girl when i say that if you ask a girl out she'll at least give you a first date.... but I think the majority of us will. So to the three boys that may be reading my blog, don't ever hit on a stranger over facebook. You look like a idiot, and chances are she's going to roll her eyes and go home and tell her roommates that some weird kid asked her out over facebook.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The ups and downs of life

Some days I feel like I am on top of the world. Things are going my ways. I am not super stressed with school work and life. I am feeling like i have alot of really good friends, I am feeling like I am in the right place spiritually, I have a high self confidence, I feel like I am on the right track with school and my future is looking good. In general life is great.

Then there are days like today, where I feel like I have made all the wrong decisions in life, and i am heading in a direction i really dont want to be going in. I know why i am feeling like this today, and i really just need to vent a little bit. This post will probably be a bit of a downer, so if you are not feeling like reading a whole bunch of negative talking... I wont be offended that you dont read it.

So today, a guest artist came to speak to the graphic design majors. We have seminars once a week and I have been going to them for the last 4 years of my life. This year, being an 'advanced' student (meaning I am in my senior year) we have the privileged of having these guest artists come and critique our portfolios and give us feedback on what they would have us change, were we interviewing with them. This week, Hilary Wolfe came. She is a Utah state graduate who has made it big. She was really awesome, and way funny. But after talking to her I feel so frustrated..... for the last three years of my life i have been working with 3 professors; Bob, Alan, and Dave.

They are all great and have all done really great things in the design field. But after meeting with Hilary today, I realized how much their differing opinions have really screwed me up. The over all critique of my portfolio from her today was that i am good at making things look good, but that the concepts are weak.... ok, i knew that! that is something that i have fought with bob over for 3 years..... I guess what i am getting at, is that i know that art us subjective but I have three teachers that dont agree on anything. For the first 2 years I had bob, who loves coming up with crazy ideas and loves clean design and likes to push the concept behind the design so far that the concept virtually is gone. Alan who will never tell you anything is good, who wont really tell you anything to change he will just say 'yeah so, i think this is pretty good. i mean its not great, but its pretty good.' or 'yeah thats really terrible, you probably shouldn't put that in' and then a guest lecture will come in and say something different and he will agree with them. I just dont get why he cant tell us what they are telling us before we show a professional our work. Everything Bob says that he likes, are the things that Alan says to take out and the thinks that Alan loves are the things that Bob has told me are not very good. I only took one class from Dave, but he didnt really give any restriction at all. there was no conceptualizing behind our sites and really i dont think he cared what it looked like as long as we learned how to code and we did it correctly. I feel like in the almost 4 years I have been persuing a graphic design degree I have gone from having complete confidence in myself and my work, to not knowing what good design even is anymore and only feeling good about a project after i get a good critique from my teachers. I feel like i have spent 4 years and $20,000 to get to the end and be so frustrated with myself and what I am doing, that its not even fun anymore.

Ok, on a more positive note. I really do love my major most days, but bottom line– Hilary Coming today was a real eye opener as to how much I really have to do this semester. But without knowing who to trust as far as advice on my portfolio goes, I guess I will just be winging it and hoping that my own judgment is good enough.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A small act of Service

Dear Girl in the B-lot parking ticket booth,

Today i forgot to move my car within the allotted time. I was 30 minutes over. Thank you for being so nice to me today and letting me leave without paying anything, even though i probably should have had to pay 2 or 3 dollars.

You really made my day.

Yours Truly,
Girl who has to move her car every 2
hours to avoid paying anything for parking.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I never knew lumberjacking could be so fun

So for the last 3 weeks or so my roommate ashlee has been fantasizing about the perfect birthday party, which would be lumber jack themed.

She came home (to logan) one day after being at her real home (in springville) and said that for the long 2 hour drive she thought about nothing but her birthday party, and that she had thought of the perfect theme.... Lumberjack. If you know anything about Ashlee, this really is the perfect theme for her. So we started discussing it (meaning she spouted off all the great ideas she had come up with; like ax throwing, flap jacks, wood chopping, fake facial hair, lmber jack pinata, pin the beard on the lumber jack and all thing flannel; and we just laughed and told her what great ideas they were and that we really have to follow through with this party) It became a regular topic of conversation over the next couple weeks, but nothing was ever really done about it except making a facebook event and inviting hundreds of people to it (that was when we knew that it was going to really happen) Thursday friday and saturday were spent preparing for it...

saturday went something like this: I woke up and wandered upstairs to find ashlee sitting in the midst of chopped up felt. She had started to cut out all the fake beards and mustaches. Tera and i had to get a bunch of stuff done in the morning but the afternoon was all dedicated to ashlee's party. we moved all the furniture around to create some room (and its a good things we did cause so many people showed up) i went to the DI to buy a flannel shirt. (I found it in the guys section, so of course it needed to be sewed in a little.) and then we ran some shopping errands...

1 10lb bag of pancake mix
4 bottles of syrup
90 styrofoam cups
90 plastic plates
1 pirate pinata to be turned into a lumber jack
1 roll of double sided mounting tape to stick fake beards to our faces.

Ashlee and i skipped the basketball game and proceeded to make somewhere around 250 'flapjacks' in a little under 2 hours.

People started showing up while we were still cooking, after 20 people showed up we broke the pinata and the people steadily started to flow into our house. We guessed that we probably had around 100 people come. out of those 100 only 10(ish) were not wearing flannel and only a hand full would not stick a fake mustache to their face. I'd have to say i think we pulled it off really well. It was probably the best party i've ever been to. We should throw them more often.