Monday, April 27, 2009

I dont want to study!!

So I am sitting here at the Library and dont want to be studying at all for my final. Hence the reason I am writing a blog. I even locked myself in the very back corner of the third floor to avoid all socializing that might happen but I would still rather be browsing the internet that reading my boring business english text book. So for everyone that is sick of studying for finals or just need some cool things to look at to fill your time here are a couple sweet things i have found on the internet lately. (for those of you who spend lots of time with me, you might have already seen them!)

This is one of the coolest Videos i have seen. Just some nerdy back ground on this kind of a video... this is called stop motion animation. basically they just move ever so slightly and take a photo every time she/he/theobjects move and then after thousands and thousands of photos are taken they composite them together and put it to music and VUWALA... this is what you get. its even more impressive that in the average animation film there are about 25 frames (or pictures in the case) per second... you do the math.

Super Sprayer - The best video clips are right here

This one you have to watch all the way till the end for the wow factor. i just think its sweet!

Im thinking this is probably photoshoped but still #1 if it is, that is some mad photoshopping skills! and #2 if it isnt someones got alot of time to do this and the whole world needs to see it!

nothing really to say about this one except for.. ENJOY!

Well i guess i am off to take my final after only studying 10 our of 18 chapters... wish me luck, i'll obviously need it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally the End!

So, school is winding down and one by one classes are ending and it feels great. Today I finished with my Type, Image and Visual continuity class (graphic design) and i have to say i am particularly proud of my final project that we turned in today. We have had 3 weeks to work on it and I, of course, started yesterday. I finished at about 6 am this morning and was a little nervous for what my teacher was going to say but he loved it :) yay! So I decided to post my final project on here along with a couple posters from the designer (Claude Kuhn) who I drew my inspiration from.

The concept for this project was the idea that the Mayan and other Mesoamerican cultures believe that the world is going to end on December 21.2012 so we decided do a poster on the end of the world and what we would say to everyone if we knew the day the world was ending so here is my poster:

Claude Kuhn is probably my favorite of all the poster designers that i am familiar with. He makes a living off of designing 2 posters a year for the museum of Natural History in Bern Switzerland which i was fortunate enough to go see while i was studying abroad there last summer. His designs are all vector based and the colors he uses are what attracts me to them in
the first place but above that, his over all designs and concepts for the posters themselves are genius! So here are a few of my favorite posters he has designed:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New To Blogging

So I decided that after looking at a few blogs lately i better make my own so i can keep tabs on them all; and rather than expressing everything on my "status" on facebook I can just write it in a nice little paragraph on here. I feel kind of like i am back on myspace making a cool background to go along with it, but being the graphic design I am couldnt leave it to be one of the boring premade layouts they have. It still has a lot of work but soon it will look the way i want :)