Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls Night

What happens at a girls night has been a mystery to boys for a long long time... I'm here to shine a little (but only a little) bit of light on what goes on at these perplexing events.

Wednesday night, all of my roommates had one last party together before we part our ways. We started the night by buying a plethora of candy and 2 pizza's. We devoured them in minutes along with 1/2 the bottle of ranch... gross.

We proceeded to build the sweetest fort you will ever see in your life. we attached the middle blanket to the ceiling fan clicker then pinned and rubberbanded other blankets to the wall, broomsticks, and each other.

Next event: prank calling. You think this is a childish thing to do? think again. Its even more funny when you are older and thinking through your story, which goes to show that you get better at lying as you get older. Here is a video of one of the pranks.

We played MASH and mad libs, read part of my 6th grade journal, had virgin margaritas, watched some kind of wonderful, and the night ended with liz's boyfriend, Brock, coming over entering the house saying "someone called about a leaky pipe?" when the provocative music started he danced while taking off his carhart pants, cowboy boots, a handkerchief and a hard hat, after ripping off a plaid shirt (the buttons went flying) he stopped just before he removed his aggie jersey and cut off basketball shorts. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

These girls are some of my favorite people in the whole world. I am going to miss them so much after next week when we are all leaving each other. You girls are awesome!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A funny email

So I got this email today forwarded from my teacher, Alan. Everytime he gets emails about jobs, he just sends them to me. This is one I got today, and its HILARIOUS... so i want to share.


Been a long time since we spoke. I missed you in New York due to absolute insanity at work. And you know what? It hasn't died down at all. Which is why I'm talking to you. Because I'm the kind of guy that only contacts the people he knows when he needs something. Yes...I'm one of THOSE people.

So here's the deal. At Vicarious Visions, I'm in charge of the User Interface department. I basically handle all of the UI artists here and am in charge of making sure things go swimmingly in the land of interface in our evil video games that are making children around the world fatter and more belligerent. Yay Violence!

And right now we have a lot of work to do. And we need more people. And as crazy as it sounds, hiring User Interface artists is difficult. Mostly because if you're any already have a nice cushy job...because people in video games tend to hate UI....because they don't understand design. They hate type. They hate composition. It's kind of wierd.

Here's where you come in. Do you know of anyone who has recently graduated who is looking for work? We need to hire a couple of people...full time. This will be for a permanent job in this stupid industry. We're looking for people with a real knack and ...sigh, here comes a buzzword...."passion", for graphic design. We understand if they have no gaming experience...we can teach that shit to monkeys. What we can't teach is taste and talent.

So if you know of anyone, just let me know. I'd love to look at any portfolios. I'm sure your incredibly busy as usual...but frankly, my selfish and capitalistic needs come first.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

This just in: the American culture is LAME

This year I've been exposed to my fair share of multi-cultural events and the more I see the more I realized that the American culture is way lame. Last night I went to the Polynesian student union Luau, and it was awesome. Why doesnt America have cool dances? Why is living the american dream owning HUGE houses and nice things? We're work-aholics. 60 is the new 40 when it comes to hours in a work week? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I've officially decided I need to marry someone of another culture so I can be a part of the amazing traditions other cultures have.

And with that, here are some videos from last night. (I just recorded bits of it because I wanted to watch and not pay attention to my camera)

Friday, April 23, 2010

CIL's? check

Yesterday I took my final CIL (computer information literacy) test on excel spread sheets, something you have to do before they'll let you leave this school

I passed with flying colors ... 100% baby!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Large and in charge

Just when I thought that I was finishing up what has been the EASIEST semester of my schooling career, life got a little bit stressful.

I expected today to be just like any other Thursday (because Thursdays are the days that I actually have classes), go to my BFA class and listen to everyone talk about the same things we have been talking about every Thursday for the whole semester Followed by my Portfolio class where 3 or 4 of us sit around and talk about what we are working on and what our plans are after graduation.

For those who dont know, everyone that is graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) has to put their work in a final show. Since graphic designers are not really fine artist, we have a separate show from the other emphasis's. So we have a class to plan and talk about out show. At the beginning of the semester we got put into groups according to what we would be doing to help out with the show, and I got put on Advertising. There was one girl, Mikelle, who sort of took charge but Alan (my teacher) felt like she needed a co-chair, just incase she couldnt make it to something or slacked on her duties. He chose me. Woo-hoo.

Fast forwarding from the beginning of the semester to 2 weeks ago. I showed up to class after not being there for 5 weeks (two skipped and one off because i was in brazil, one because alan was at a conference and canceled class, and one because we were at a portfolio review in salt lake) Mikelle hadnt showed up that day so the whole class was bombarding me with questions (because i was the co-chair) that i had no answers to because i had be MIA for 5 weeks. I felt like an idiot so i emailed her and come to find out.. she up and moved to Salt Lake and didnt have any idea what was going on either.

Today it happened again, so after class i finally took charge. I met with my committee, figured out what needed to be done, and delegated it out.

now I am in charge of pretty much this whole event. woo hoo.
If you want to come... feel free!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dances, BBQ's, and Hammocking

Its a good things that I am graduating, cause I have pretty much checked out of school. The weather outside is BEAUTIFUL, and i want nothing more than to lay in the grass soaking it all in. This weekend was full of wonderful things outside.

Friday night was a dance on the quad. Tera and I wore fake mustaches for the first part of it, and I have never gotten so many funny looks in my life, it makes me think I need to wear ridiculous things into public more often.

Saturday morning my old roomie Katie Lewis (now hunter) showed up to play for the weekend. It was so good to see and catch up with her, cause she's pretty much dropped off the face of the earth since she got married. We had a BBQ at adams park, then we went to Angies and cleaned the sink.

Clean that Sink!

Lizzy and I

Marinda drinking the last of the sink

Sunday after stake conference Tasha, Marinda, Jonny, Joe, Tera and I took the hammocks I got from Brazil to the park and strung them up in a square and spent the afternoon lounging in a Brazillian made hammock writing a letter to my best friend Ky who is on a mission and People watching. Buying those Hammocks was the best purchase i ever made, now all i want to do is go hang out in a hammock.

Hanging the Hammocks

Tera marie

Tasha and her boyfriend Jonny

Four trees, four hammocks

Then the week started and its back to sitting in an office on a computer, I also realized that i left my wallet at the library on Saturday... So that sucks. Only a couple more weeks and its summer and I will be done with school forever. What a great feeling.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a girl lacks

One thing i have noticed in the world today is that when a girl lacks in looks, she can make up for it in her personality. If a girl is kind of plain, but super funny and outgoing she has just as much potential to have a guy as her out as a girl that is drop dead gorgeous. I think I might lack in both areas.

Spring time hits and everyone seems to emerge from their apartments with their significant other to go on walks in the nice warm(ish) weather. Couples are everywhere. Call in spring fever if you will, but there is something about this time of year that makes people just want to have someone to date. The couples seems to multiply rapidly. Ive tried my hardest to keep my head above water and not notice it so much (since i havent dated anyone in a long long long time) but its hard to not notice when all my roommates are even dating someone. I am super happy for them and i love all their boys, so i am not complaining at all about that. Its just the fact that I dont i guess. People say my sister and i look scary alike, but she seems to always have a boy around. So that is when i came to my conclusion that if a girl is just average looking, she can make it up in personality. Because we might looks the same, but caitlin definitely has the personality.

I'm not writing this post as a 'pity post' or fishing for compliments by any means. It would actually be awesome if any comment that were left said nothing about how much i am wrong and how I dont get asked out because boys are intimidated by me... or whatever. I know you all love me, that is why we are friends. Im writing it because I am trying my best to turn over a new leaf and expose my true feelings and opinions on life, and this is what i have been feeling as of lately. I guess this post was brought on because tonight we went to the true aggie dance, it was on the quad, and when it was over people were just hanging out waiting for true aggie night to start.... as i stood in the midst of all these people there were quite a few good looking guys standing around talking about finding a girl to kiss, and not one of them gave me a second glance. Im not saying im ugly, im really not. Im just average. But whats a girl to do when she is both average in looks and personality?

Thanks for reading my rant... Dont feel any obligation to comment. It feels good to just get it out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magazine Layout

Time for more of my school work. I am going to apply for a job at Salt Lake Magazine in the next week or so, and looking through my portfolio I realized I don't really have any editorial layouts, which is probably something I should have considering that is the job I am applying for. So the last couple days I have been working on a magazine spread about homeless people.

If you were flipping through a magazine would this make you stop and read? why or why not?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear body...

Dear body,

You are young, 22 to be specific. Why do you feel the need to fall apart? Your knees hurt when you run, and your vision is getting worse with every passing day that you stare at a computer screen for hours on end. Your stomach feels like it has ulcers and not a day goes by that i dont have at least one zit somewhere on my face. Five out of seven days end with a headache and a desire to go to bed early. This week is especially bad when I woke up and your throat was swollen and sore and i could barely swallow. Now that that is gone, your nose wont stop running and I am sneezing like crazy because you are allergic to the spring time pollen.

If you wouldnt mind acting your age and putting off this madness for maybe 30 years or so, that would be great.

Sarah Jane

Monday, April 5, 2010

The new Mythos

So I realized that i never really post any of my work on here. I think that needs to change. My latest project I have undertook is to redesign a logo for an 'upscale greek restaurant'. This was a project that we did a couple years ago in my branding class, and i completely tanked with my first try:
After realizing that this one logo was really dragging my whole portfolio down, I decided to redesign it, and it came out looking like this:
I was so happy about the way the new mark looked, i decided to design the business system to go with it... and here it is:

So that is what I do for school. Isnt it great!?