Saturday, May 29, 2010

Money Money Money

I am poor... dirt poor. Its a good think I live at home and dont have very many expenses right now, but I have been thinking alot lately about what I will do with some of my money when I start my new job. Of course alot of it will go into savings, but here are a few things I will get when i can...

#1. Some new Pants.
I hate pant shopping, so when I go I buy lots of pairs and then one by one they wear out until I am down to 2 or 3 and then i go again. Currently I am down to 2 and one of them has a hole in the inner thigh that is growing more and more noticeable by the day. However right now I cant really fork over any money for a new pair, so as soon as that first paycheck comes in, I will be buying myself some new pants.

#2. Joining a gym.
I loved going to USU because the field house was there when I needed it and it was free. I can run outside, but its really hard on my knees, So i prefer the elliptical, plus I am super weak and I should probably lift some weights on occasion and get a little more lean muscle on my body.

#3. A bike.
I have been craving a bike ride for the last week, but I dont have a bike to ride. I use to just steal a roommates when this problem occured over the last 3 years, but no one in my family owns one So I will be buying my own. I dont know if I want a beach cruiser or a road bike or a mountain bike or what.... I guess I will decide when the time arises to buy one.

#4. Toms shoes.
I have wanted a pair of these since I heard about them. I love the idea behind them, giving a pair of shoes to charity for every pair bought. Plus they are awesome and cute and dont stink like fire like my kmart canvas shoes do. Problem is they are more than 7 dollars, So when I have the money i will fork over the $40 for a pair of these wonderfully great shoes and wear them everyday.

#5 Magazines.
I love to read magazines. Any and all magazines. I will be subscribing to design magazine and home decor magazines. Health magazines and fashion magazines. Church magazines and maybe even a trashy star watching magazine like us weekly or people. Its gonna be great!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its Official....


Back in march I decided to be a student host for the career fair at utah state. I dont know what compelled me to do it, but I just felt like I really wanted to. I checked in with my company and they said they didnt need anything from me, so I decided to walk around and check everything out.. it was an engineers dream come true, however over in the corner there was a company called bobunny scrapbooking, and I stopped to talk to them. They were looking for designers, so I filled out an application, and a few days later they called me for an interview. unfortunately I was going to be in Brazil when they wanted me to come in, but after I got back I made the drive down to Layton and interviewed with them. I didnt hear anything back and really just got more caught up in school and graduating to really care, but after graduation happened I realized I was still out of a Job and had no where to go. I started looking for any old job, until I got a call from Bobunny scrapbooking asking me to come in for a second interview. I was shocked. It had been two months since my last interview and didnt expect anything to come from it. I went in for the interview, they looked at my stuff again, and then told me they were going to make me an offer and I should get my contract by monday.

I anxiously waited for monday to come (thinking that it was coming by mail) and when the mail man arrived and it wasnt there I was so disappointed. Later on I checked my email and to my surprise there it was– An email from Vicki– I opened it, read through the offer and was so happy that it was exactly how much I was hoping for! So i took it.

I am now an official employee of Bo Bunny scrapbook and I start on June 7th! YAY!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Driving with your feet up.

Are you ever alone and see something that makes you laugh out loud and wish that there was someone with you so you could laugh together instead of looking like a crazy person laughing at herself? That happened to me today. I was driving home from a matinee movie in ogden when I drove past a guy that was driving with his foot on the dashboard. I mean I usually pull my left foot up on my seat when I drive, but usually people drive with their right foot, and that was the foot he had up on the dash. So first I pulled out my phone waited for him to pass me again and snapped this quick photo to share with all yall...... then I tried to drive with my right foot up on the dashboard, not that easy... and not that comfortable.

Yup.. that's his foot, wrapped in a green business sock, just hanging out on the dash.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spiral Jetty

A couple years ago in my art history class we learned about a piece of art that was located here in utah off the coast of the great salt lake (GSL). I was surprised when i learned about its location because I have lived in utah my whole life and never once heard about it.

It was created in 1970 by a man named Robert Smithson and it took him only 6 days to build. There was a drought that year and the water had pulled back, exposing part of the lake bottom where he decided to build it. It only lasted 3 years until the drought was over and the water rose again, covering his work. It stayed covered for THREE DECADES, the water levels fell again in 2004 and it was exposed for less than a year when once again the water covered it up. This spring It was revealed again for only the 3rd time since being built. (wikipidia gave me those facts, so they might not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday A couple of my friends and I decided to take the trek out west of Brigham city to the west side of the GSL to see the land sculpture, the Spiral Jetty.

The group: Amy, Jake, Tera, Me, Logan, Kenny
Logan Frolicking through the salty sea foam
Amy and I
Tera and I

me standing on the spiral
The spiral itself
me with the spiral jetty

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really Gmail?

So I decided now that I have graduated, I better get an email that is not linked to the school. I went to gmail and started to try different combinations of my name. I think sarah jane webb is so common that they are all taken, however Gmail had some really great suggestions.

The bottom one is my personal favorite...

Really Gmail?..... Really? I can just imagine trying to give that one to someone

"Would you like to add your email to our mailing list?"

"Yeah that'd be great, Its sarah, with an 'H' dot sarah jane webb, Webb with two 'b's, dot Webb and the number 628 at gmail dot com"

"wow that sure is a mouth full, can you repeat it so i can make sure i got it all?"

"sure that sarah.sarahjanewebb.webb628 at gmail dot com"

Thats ridiculous. Haha. Just thought I'd share!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Will work for Money

Holy cow, unemployment sucks.

I went job searching today. Mostly just picked up applications from restaurants and browsed the internet for openings. I filled out 7 application today. SEVEN. My had was cramped to say the least. I have been happily working in the same jobs for 2 years I forgot what this was like. I am desperate though, I need money so bad.

I actually considered getting into plasma donating...
that's when you know that I am desperate.

Is panhandling dishonest?! just wondering.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

random thoughts at 3:00 in the morning

Even before starting this post, I can already tell this is going to probably be a whole lot of random thoughts thrown into a blog. I dont know why I feel the need to stay up right now (instead of going to bed) and write about life and the thoughts I have had over the last two weeks (which by the way has been an emotional roller coaster) but I do. So here is it: Random thoughts by Sarah Webb.

I've been in this weird contemplative/deep thinking mood lately. I keep thinking about things like why we always seem wish for everything that we dont have. Why we want to look different, act different, grow up differently than we did, be in different situation, have different opportunities, or just be a different person all together. I was driving home from st george today analyzing the terrible design of almost every billboard we passed when i noticed that we had passed like 7 different 'image changing' billboards.. day spas, plastic surgery, liposuction, and so on. It always makes me wonder, why cant we just be content? Why is there this need to be a clone of the 'perfect person' and what shapes that perfect image in your mind? Why is it that we were made to desire what we dont have? After finally sharing my thoughts with my roommate, who was driving, and talking it out with her I came to the conclusion that if we werent given this desire to be something better than we are we would never be motivated to do anything in life. As with everything there comes the good and the bad. The bad: trying to change your appearance and personality to fit the 'norm' and blaming the things that go wrong on the situations and the life you were placed in rather than your own bad choices. The good: Having the drive and motivation to become a better person, to get rid of the bad habits that you have formed in your life. To change the world.. or at least to change your world. We wouldnt get anywhere if it werent for the desire to change. Its our own choice to feed the good changes, or the bad.

Next on the list of contemplation is in the area of 'soul searching'. Graduation really takes a toll on you. All you ever hear about is how great it is to finally reach that point. After thousands and thousands of dollars being pumped into a school, you come out with a paper (which of course they charge you 35 dollars for) that says that you did it. But what then? half the people I know just go to more school because they dont know what else to do with life. We are shoved into the real world with no map to tell us where to go next. I find myself considering going back to school only because I dont know what else to do. I wonder if I even chose the right field to graduation it (how freaking pathetic is that right after getting a degree) I dont want to go back to school, I am ready to move on, I just dont know how or what to do. So what are my options?

Find a job? Ok, but where? We spend 4 years studying something we love. We shouldnt have to get a crappy job that we dont love, but we still have bills to pay.. so i am just trying to find any old job. Who the crap is going to hire a fresh out of college grad knowing full well that as soon as they find a job in their field they are peacing out and quitting? NO ONE. So I am stuck.

Go on a Mission? I have been so back and forth on this one its not even funny. I've been having this internal battle with myself for a year and a half now. Go or dont go? I get a prompting to go but have ZERO desire to serve one. I mean I love the gospel. I love sharing the gospel, but something about serving a mission just doesnt appeal to me. So I pray for desire, but it hasnt come yet. I have talked to my bishop about it and almost started my papers, but then i felt like it wasnt right, so i stopped. Three weeks later the prompting hits again. So would that be a go or dont go? I dont know.

Get married? Lets not even talk about that one. My mom wants it. Even though she tries not to talk about it too much cause she doesnt want to seem to pushy, I know she wants one of us to get married real bad. My friends all keep telling me its going to happen to me soon (In the next year they say). News flash though: I havent had a boyfriend in almost two years, and boy does that scares me a little bit. I am growing more and more content with my single life, and I feel like I am forgetting how to even be someones girlfriend. I haven't had to deal with worrying about anyone but myself for so long, I dont know how to do it anymore. I have been on dates with a couple boys I have been interested in, but when i try to show that interest I become awkward and weird, so things dont go anywhere and I continue to be single. So that option is out.
What does this all lead to: The most lost and confused I have felt in a long LONG time.

I guess I will end with the though of how much I hate goodbyes. Any old goodbye is awkward. Getting off the phone is weird, especially if you are talking to someone who has to have the last word. This has an easy solution, just say bye and hang up. Then there is the post hanging out goodbye, where the 'welp, i better get going' line is delivered several times before it actually happens and then after walking them to the door, you give them a hug and thank them for coming over and then there is a little lingering and another awkward goodbye. If you are both outside you continue to yell at eachother until the one leaving has successfully made it to their car and gotten in before turning around and walking back into the house. This is slightly more awkward than the phone goodbye, but still manageable. Then there is the 'have a nice life goodbye'. these ones are the worst. You both know that it will probably be the last time you will ever see eachother. You are both thinking it, but it sucks to say it out loud. I've had way too many of these the last two weeks. Old roommates and friend that I will always keep in touch with, but will probably never see again due to our lives going in different directions. Its really sad to me that so many people can make such a huge difference in my life and then it ends with a 'see ya never, have a nice life'. Yeah, goodbye really suck.

I will probably post some pictures soon to show you a happier side of my life :) but for now, I think I should go to bed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7 days, 9 restaurants...sick

I thought this week would be nothing but eating in and getting rid of all of my food, but it has been quite the opposite.

Yesterday We went to dinner at Cafe Rio as roommates to say goodbye to Ashlee cause she is leaving to North Carolina tomorrow.

Today I went to Einsteins for breakfast because facebook is giving away a free bagel (who can pass that up). Then Tera treated me to Old Grist Mill for lunch because its out last 'pumpkin chocolate chip day' tuesday. For dinner: Joy luck with the parents. I ran to kaysville to drop off some stuff and to grab the vacuum.

Restaurant count so far this week: 4

Tomorrow I am going to dinner on a date with my friend Brandon. I dont know where we are going.

Thursday is the office dinner party with the other designers and Allie. I think we are going to Callaways or something

Friday is my BFA show (you should all come if you are in the area) and we are having cafe sabor cater the event.

Saturday is graduation and after I walk and receive my diploma, my family and I will be eating at Hamiltons steak house.

Tune in next week, when I will be on vacation and eating out even more.
The food baby is growing exponentially.