Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest Greatest

I should be sleeping now, but its been a while since ive blogged. I still dont have anything to blog about but crafty stuff, so here is my updates.

First off, I made a wedding present for my roommate tasha and her fiance (now husband) Johnny. I have wanted to try a photo transfer for a long time, but I didnt have any photos to use. Tasha sent me some of her engagement photos to edit for her, so I used one of them to transfer onto a 16x20 canvas.

I used mod podge, first painted on the canvas, and the photo placed ink side down while it was still wet. After it dried I got the paper wet and when you rub it, it comes off but leaves the ink. Here is what it looks like when it is done:

Next, I Found This blog: newdressaday.wordpress.com and was super inspired. I love what she does with alot of her dresses, so I decided to alter a dress of my own. here is the before photo (i apologize for the camera in the photo, also the ugly face haha)

and this is what it looked like after taking out shoulder pads, and the elastic waist band, unstitched and removed the belt loops, took off the sleeves and took the dress in, then reattached the sleeves so the seam is where it should be, lastly I hemmed it, and vwala! here it is: (again with the camera.... )

Saturday I went to the manti temple with my ward and wore my new dress... I love it, and its pretty comfortable! The manti temple is BEAUTIFUL!

Today, I was kind of missing Utah state... they started school yesterday, and im a little sad I am not there to be in the midst of week of welcome, so to celebrate the start of school... I FINALLY started on my utah state quilt. First I dug out a bunch of my blue and white utah state Tshirts (dont worry, I kept all the colored ones to wear to bed, and I still have like 20)

Then I cut them up into squares, and layed them out... I have to go but some gray fabric to sew in between and for the back, but i think its going to look awesome!

These are not a project, just more cute shoes I found at the DI. I cant wait for boot season so I get to wear them....

I saw these boots on madebylex.com and cant wait for boot season to try this look with some of my boots that I have, I think its super cute!


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hunger Games

Started: 8:30pm.
Finished: 3:30am.

Such a good book.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post Secrets

I've become quite the blog junkie in the last year or so, I love getting a glimpse into other peoples worlds and seeing who they are by what they decide to write about. One of my favorite blogs to look at is called Post secret. It was a project started by a guy named Frank Warren a while back. He traveled from maryland down to DC and passed out blank post cards to random strangers and asked them to write a secret on it and mail it to him. years later he has received over 1/2 a million post cards with peoples secrets written on them. Every Sunday he posts 20-25 post cards he has received that week (some funny, some sad, some really graphic, but all interesting).... I think I love it so much because so many times I can relate to what is said on the postcard, and it shows me that I am more normal that I ever feel like, and that the things that I am embarrassed to admit out loud, other people go through and are just as embarrassed to admit. Today I found this one, and Love it because it is exactly how i have felt for the last 6 months of my life as I try to become myself no matter who I am around.

Check it out at postsecret.com

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

catch my thrift? Ok, thats cheesey....

Today I may or may not have had one of the most successful DI runs I've had in a LONG time.

I have so many projects that I want to make swirling around up in my head, but I dont have alot of TIME to make them... So for now they Will just stay in my head.

One of my ideas are for some sweet coasters (I really need one for my desk at work because the condensation from my water bottle gets everything all wet.) Anywho, today I didnt have anything going on after work, So i decided to make a DI run and see what I could find.... I will have to post pictures of the finished products when I am all done making them super duper awesome. But here are my purchases with project explanations attached:

#1 The Coasters: I know they are pretty sweet as is, but I have so much scrapbook paper, that I al going to mod podge these suckers with some of the cute patterned paper I have and paint the wood block. They are going to be super adorable and everyone at work is gonna love them because they are made out of Bobunny products!

#2 The old lady, but still super cute stilettos: These are way cute as it, but I am going to try and find some way to maybe dye the leather strap a dark brown so that they dont look quite so old ladyish.. I dont know what it is about beige, but it just screams senior citizen to me. However, if I cant find a way to dye it without ruining the shoe, I think I will make a cute navy blue pin stripped pencil skirt to wear them with, that way the beige wont look too bad.

#3 The notebooks: Ok artsy fartsy nerd alert.... I have been watching tutorials on youtube about book binding, and I want to learn SO bad! I found these books with awesomely cute patterns on the fronts of them So I am going to cut them apart and make one into a sketch book and one into a journal/notebook. If it works well, I am going to buy more books and make even more.. because i am a journal freak.

#4 The jewelry frame. So my old roommate liz made herself an earring holder last year when I was living next door to her and I was always super jealous of her... She said she'd make me one, but never did... So I am making myself one. I found this ugly old wooden frame which I decided to paper mache with pages from the books I tore apart. After that I will mod podge it to seal it, and i got some aluminum screening to glue in the hole for the earrings to go through. Then I am going to splurge and buy some of the cute vintage knobs they sell at anthropology to screw onto the bottom to hang necklaces and bracelets. Its gonna be super duper cute when I am done. Here are a couple photos of the start of it:

Part way done paper mache-ing

Letting it dry before sealing it

I will post pictures of everything when they are all done! Everytime I go on a DI spree I cant help but think: 'I hope whoever I marry likes the crafty side of me, because I think I am going to need a craft room someday'