Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dang! it feels good...

.... I just finished my very first complete website.
As much as i hated spending 10 hour days in the lab this week, i'm proud of myself for finishing it!

Here is the home page:

If you want to look at it, here is the link:

There are a few problems if you are using internet explorer, so if that is you: get rid of that crap and convert to firefox, but even in firefox there are a few glitches that need to be worked out.
If you are on a mac, use safari. That is the best browser for your viewing pleasure!

happy viewing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a small glimps

Sometimes. when a huge project is due [say an HTML website] i am forced to lock myself in the computer lab for days/weeks at a time.

This week has been one of those weeks.

So you maybe wondering... what is it like to sit at a computer all day everyday?...

This is what it is like:

The good news is:
I dont think i will have to pull an all nighter tonight!
now back to work...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

knock knock, whos there? LIFE

Welp, Its official. Whether i want it to be here or not. Life is about to come knocking on my door. Yesterday i Met with my academic advisor about graduation. Turns out instead of a 3 credit last semseter filled with nothing but taking it easy and loving life, I have to take 9 credits of art to graduate.

Not that i am complaining, that is my major. But i was looking forward to having a couple months break from the all nighters. rushed projects. and graphic design 24/7.

So my final 4 months of school will be the following:

3 credits of Portfolio Prep.
3 credits of Graphic interface design (webdesign)
1 credit of communication seminar
2 credits of BFA exhibit

Along with all that i have to continue to work, figure out where i am going and what i am doing after i walk, diploma in hand at graduation.... Am i really ready for this?

Ready or not, Here it comes.