Monday, February 28, 2011

Too much thinking to sleep

Tonight is one of those nights where I really want to go to sleep, because I know that I should... But ive got too many things on my mind to really let myself drift off. I even left my friend Jessies house to go to bed instead of staying to watch another episode of modern family.... Shoulda stayed. So instead I will blog about everything I am thinking about.

First off.. I have been working really hard the last couple weeks to make some awesome notebooks (If I do say so myself) made so I could get my etsy shop up and running and apply for the bijou market that happens in provoApril 8th and 9th, and i finally finished tonight. I only got a couple things listed, but thats ok! So without futher ado here is the name of my etsy shop and my URL:

Go check it out, I have been making notebooks that look like this: 

and this: 

I wont be super disappointed if I dont get in as one of the vendors for the market because I only have a couple things listed, But it would be SUPER cool if I did. Its a two day event where crafters from all over Utah come sell their stuff. If i dont get in, I think I will apply for a couple farmers markets and try to sell this summer. After I get a few more up, I would LOVE it if people would help me spread the word about it!

Next on my thought list:

I am going to Mexico and Guatamala in NINETEEN days!!!... that really crept up fast.

Here are some awesome pictures of things I will be seeing in a matter of weeks: 


Lake atitlan

All I have to do now to prepare is finish the Book of mormon and read two books that my bishop gave me on the sites.... BAH! I gotta get going.

Lastly, This weekend has given me the winter blues. I am so ready for summer to come along and for it to be warm again. I was just thinking about how great its going to be to pull out my hammock again and sit in the front yard to read. 

I suppose I will try and go to sleep now. Goodnight!

Friday, February 18, 2011

sarcasm rules

I apologize to all the boys that read my blog and get awkward about period stuff, this commercial is just too funny not to share with people... I love sarcasm.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Why must I check my blogs and emails right before I go to bed every night.. I should have been in bed an hour ago. I gotta stop this terrible habit. The blogs just suck me in. 

Goodnight virtual world. and happy valentines day everyone.. I spent mine with my awesome friend Jessie watching the bachelor and eating pizza, just like every other monday night. Im no man hatter or valentines day lover.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Party like its my Birth-week

Every year I write a Post about how amazing my birthday is, and I usually think to myself... there is no way this can be topped. I have had some of the best birthday of my lifetime over the last couple years, and I give all the credit to my AMAZING friends and family.

This year I was a little worried, I no longer have roommates to plan some crazy surprise for me, So i figured it would be just another year older and wiser too, but it wasnt. I loved every minute of it.

We'll start it off with breakfast. My awesome brother Sam made me french toast, eggs, hash browns and a smoothie. It was delicious!

Then a couple hours into work my mom showed up with a vase of fresh flowers!

My co-workers surpised me with a gift certificate for the binding machine I want and A bag full of candy (which they wont help me eat because they are all off sugar or on some sort of a diet)

We went to Zupas for lunch, I LOVE that place!

My amazing friend Jessie put everything together that night, So we went to the Blue Lemon for dinner. (I think I love that place even more than zupas, which is saying something)

then we went bowling.. I think i bowled a 60-something, I am really good.

When you got a gutterball you had to 'ride the bull'. I got alot of those.

So I guess it really was a bit of an average birthday, but the fact that I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life made all the difference!


The party continued last night when Emilee, Jessie and I went to Logan for the night... I miss that place and the people so much.

We went to the tandoori oven first and started the night off right with some indian food.
The basketball game was AMAZING. I miss the crowd and the games and the cheers. It was a blast.

Then we went to Mardi Gras, Where my good friend Alan let me in for free. Woo-Hoo! We partied the night away in the casino and watching a mind blowing metalist show. It was the best night ever!

Jessie may or may not have become addicted to 21 that night. She won big.

But alas, I still need to remember that that is not my life anymore, that I live in kaysville and that my friends here are just as amazing as my friends in Logan. That Kaysville can be just as fun as Logan, it just takes a little more planning on our part. That living in the past is not good for your present or your future. That I could have just as many friends here if I just tried a little harder to make them. That Logan in no way defines who I am, it just happened to be where i was located when I really discovered myself.

Best week E.V.E.R.