Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fight the new drug

So my friend Josie just called me a few minutes ago asking for a donation to a new campaign her brother has been working on for the last couple years. Its to raise awareness and fight together against "the new drug"... pornography. They are launching the official campaign next month but are looking for small donations from people that believe in the cause. I know many of us are strongly against pornography and have seen the affect it can have on individual lives as well as marriages.

The website is still just a landing page for donations but it explains the campaign more fully. So if you are interested, please check it out. Donate what you can to the cause. If money is tight, Please spread the word to everyone and get as many people involved as you can!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter is coming

I really hate the winter.... and yes i live in Logan.
But there are a few things that i do love about it... specifically:

#1. fresh squeezed orange juice. Oranges are so cheep in the winter and it is SO good!

#2. my cocomotion. My roommates gave it to me for my birthday last year, and it makes the best hot chocolate in the whole world. mmmm. its like the coffee maker for mormons!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whats a girl to do?

I am OCD about checking my email...
I check it like 17 times a day, if not more.

And today, Aggiemail is down. Shoot.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things to do....

• Trading Cards
• Recruitment posters
• photobook
• greek week: posters, brochure, banner
• week of welcome: brochure stickers poster
• Career service posters
• Video Graphic
• Government fair Logo
• transfer piece

Move out:
• Pack my shiz
• Move it all out
• Clean my apartment

Pay Tuition
Sell Books and computer

What am i doing instead?...... Blogging

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New favorite song

So, I discovered this song about a week ago on my ipod
Its my new favorite
I listen to it like 20 times a day
disregard the video itself, just listen to the song ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its about time...

Its open again, Finally!
I really need it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jumping on the bandwagon

So, i started writing a friends blog a couple days ago...
then everyone wrote one,
so now it looks as if i am just going to jump on the bandwagon.

So much has been changing in the friendship department lately i just want to thank all those who have made a difference and shaped me to be the person i am!


What a huge influence she has had on my life. We met at dance in the 8th grade and carpooled aka, instant friendship. the first time we hung out outside of school we went to lagoon. and the friendship only got better from there. We were best friends all through high school and through thick and thin we stuck together. after living together our first semester of college she moved to California to be a nanny. I never realized the influence she had on me until she had moved away. Our friendship got even stronger while she was gone then when she moved back i couldnt wait to live with her again. She is now leaving on a mission to Brazil today and i couldnt be more proud of her. She is so strong in the gospel and is so good at being a friend and is so caring! I will miss her so much, but i know that she will be so blessed for serving the lord and i
already cant wait to see her in a year and a half!

Amy and i became friends at ashley clarks party... when we both realized we didnt have locker partners for the following year (9th grade), so we decided to be locker partners, went to star wars movie, and were basically inseparable from then on. She joined me and kiley and we all hung out all the time. So many good memories came from just chilling and talking at my house. i loved that she lived just down the hill and was within walking distance of my house. (this is for you amy: • snapping turtle • the fly • sippy cup of milk and the duck • are you British now?? ah i could be • 1st kisses at lagoon • ryan mitchell • deckhanding/lifeguarding • drive in movies • music parties • living together for a month • being there for your proposal • and your wedding • plus so many more) I love you and look up to all you have done! never forget how much you have done for me! never regret where you are in life, the rest of us are still only dreaming of it! you always brought out the best in me, and made me be the person i wanted to be! we will be 80 one day sitting on our porches, reminiscing about the good old day! you'll see!

Twins separated at birth for packaging purposes. Lindsey came into my life sophomore year, Halloween night at a party at kileys house. High school was such a joy to have her around. we always did the craziest things together, ugly face competitions via picture messaging, planning break ups and joy riding van made it that much better too. Even though we dont get together as often as i wish we did, when we do its like we were never apart. She is getting married in 8 days and i am so happy for her and Ryan. They are so right for each other and its about time after dating for like 4 years! :) Congrats girl! I love you!

linds, i know you hate these picture.. but just embrace the past :)
im sure im going to have some pretty nast ones in your slide show!

My tall beautiful babe! Courtney was also at kileys Halloween party. We also had AP art together and it was always a good time! courtney is so smart and so talented! I see how far she has come with her art and photography and it makes me so jealous and so proud of her! She was my only roommate freshman year for the second semester and we had so much fun. She works so hard and i cant wait to see where she goes from here!