Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bucket List Item #243

I really dont know what number this is on my bucket list, but it is definitely on there... I should really write them all down.


 I have always wanted to chop off my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.

Utah state has an event called aggie locks where they have lots of people come and cut their hair it all at once. I almost did it last year, but couldnt bring myself to give up my long hair.

I think the fact that i am going on a mission and leaving my life behind and essentially starting over for a while made me decide that I should just do it and that there is no better time to do it than now, So a little over 10 inches later.... I have short hair!

it took SIX (count em six) pony tails because I have so much hair
no turning back
thats alot of hair right there
and its short!
Its going to take some getting use to for sure, but on the bright side, the time it takes me to get ready is probably going to be cut in half, my hair is SUPER healthy. It hasnt been this healthy for years. If i decide I want to go back to long, It will grow out while I am gone. now for a before and after photo (Dont mind the fact that I am not the most photogenic person in the world.)



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post mission call life

So since ive opened my call, life has been pretty awesome. I went into work the next day and put in my two weeks so I could play for the summer before I leave, and play I have.

I finished out work, but not without snapping a few pictures of my awesome fellow graphic designers:

They made me this awesome journal called the cheesy book for everyone to write cheesy things about me before i leave. they all spent a couple days writing, drawing and gluing in funny memories from the office.

I spent the next couple days doing the things that havent been done forever becuase of a lack of time in my life such as: laundry and cleaning my room.

Saturday my mom came in to talk to me and asked if I wanted to go to alaska the following week. I was suppose to go with my cousins too, but she had found some awesome tickets and my dad said there werent very many guests at the lodge that next week (which means he could spend his time with us instead of tending to other guests) So we bought our tickets and off we went to alaska the next week.
we took a float plane out to the lodge

this is the lodge that we stayed at - pybus point lodge

this is what I look like when I fish

at one point we all had a rockfish on our rods, so we were all reeling in at the same time.

my sister made the record board with a 9 pound rock fish

these are halibut. they are ugly fish. they are also really hard to reel in... these ones are 20-25 lbs. caitlins looks way bigger than mine, but its really not.

this was a daily haul of fish we would catch

we learned how to set, and pull up crab pots

then we got to take them out of the pots. measure them and break off their outer shells.
we spent the day in Juneau and headed up to a huge glacier


this is the whole view at the glacier... click on it to make it bigger so you can see the whole thing.
Then we checked out some of the beaches they had there, we found this awesome tree laying on the beach and had to take pictures.

I got home on thursday night and my friend tyler invited me to go to Idaho the next morning, So while unpacking from Alaska, I repacked for Idaho.

we found a friend at the gas station in Idaho. i named him charlie

so of course I fed him some alpaca food

we checked out the 'niagra falls of the west' shisone falls

photo op.

then we decided to go to the ice caves
the caves were some 29 degrees cold while we were in there
our guide let us walk out on the ice.... which he says he never lets anyone do that. woot woot. 
we ate at cafe rio, where there was a car show.. and up drives mater from cars. Awesome!
That night we went to a bar where there was a live band outside... We got a chance to practice our awesome dance moves that we learned while playing country dance on the wii. Im sure there are some photos out there somewhere because we were dancing like fools (you would have guessed that we werent sober) and some random strangers snapped a few photos of us... But no one really needs to see those. Idaho was a fun random trip. I took too much allergy medicine before we left and it knocked me out, So i slept all the way home.

The rest of my summer is super packed with awesome adventures to come... I will post them as they happen!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011