Monday, December 10, 2012

November 12, 2012 letter

"Cant nobody fix it but Jesus" -Sign help up by a lady on the side of the road.


Hello everyone! 
I dont know if I have ever expressed how much I love southern people before. But its driving past/talking with people like the lady with the sign that makes being down here so great! 

Its been an interesting week to say the least. We had some really great things happen and we also had to stay inside alot of this week but as always I learn lots from every situation we I am in. 

So the week started off with a great lesson with Gerrit, who right now is my favorite investigator, probably because he is progressing and his lessons are so great! We talked about the word of wisdom and baptism with him this week. We had talked about the word of widsom a little bit in the first couple lessons we taught him, but we were just answering questions that he had and werent really teaching the whole principle or committing him to live it. So we taught him again and asked him to live it and he was really funny. He said "ya know, I knew we were going to talk about this today and this morning I bought two cans of arizona iced tea and I drank one on the way over here and then I got here and realized that we were probably going to talk about this again and so I have one more in my car.... how about I start tomorrow?" and I said "how about you start today?" and he said "alright, I will just give it away to my roommate and start today". He was pretty excited to live it because he said he always wanted to go clean of EVERYTHING hes ever been on. He goes off different drugs at different times, but never all at the same time. So after the lesson he was talking to a kid in the ward that goes and watches the sunrise everymore and he asked him where the best place was to go watch it and at the end he said something like "thanks, I just need a way to wake up now cause I cant have coffee because of THESE TWO...(pointing to us)" haha hes been testing us throughout the week telling us how its been a hard week to live it because everyone keeps offering him free stuff and he threw out his back and usually he smokes weed when he does that but that hes been good. Then he tested us yesterday to tell us how he never realized how much tea he drank until he stopped drinking it, but that he still hasnt done anything against the word of wisdom. He is so great! 

Like I said, we also talked to him about baptism. He said hes not ready to set a date yet, and probably wont for a while because he wants to make sure that he is going to be clean and stay clean for a long time before he decides to get baptized. We talked about the answer that he received and he said that his "logical" side keeps telling him to forget how he felt, but that as hard as he tries to forget that he got an answer to his prayer, he cant forget it. I think its only a matter of time before he decides to get baptized. He is going to start coming to more activities and getting more involved. I am really excited! 

The other really great thing that happened this week was teaching Jonathans friends that he brought to church. We taught them on Wednesday and on our way there they texted us and asked if they could bring a friend with them. So we ended up picking up ANOTHER investigator (kyle) and teaching him as well. He came to church on sunday with us and seemed to enjoy it. Being on a college campus is so interesting because people are very willing to listen and to read and they keep commitments very well, but you can have one REALLY spirit filled lesson and then at the end they say that they just wants to some to read and pray on their own and that they will call us when they are ready for another lesson. I have never had so many powerful lessons end with them not wanting to keep learning. They seemed to love it all and to feel the spirit and at the end of their lesson they were so excited to learn to pray. OH that was a really cool part as well... usually at the end of the first lesson we invite whoever were teaching to say the prayer, but since there were 3 of them we didnt know who to ask... none of them had prayed before so we didnt know who to ask but then a stroke of inspiration came and we decided to have everyone say a prayer. So we knelt down and sis pulsipher said one, then me, then a member that was with us (nick), then each of them said their first prayers in their lives. It was SO great to hear their humility and to feel the spirit that was there. 

The down side to the week was that sister Pulsipher did something to her foot and so when we called the mission doctor he said to only walk on it when she had to... and to wear tennis shoes when she did have to walk haha since we are a walking area that means all the time, but he said to only walk to our lessons and to stay off of it the rest of the time. SO we had to stay in alot this week, but when we went out she rocked the tennis shoes and skirt look :). It finally felt good enough friday night and we were pumped to get back out and work Saturday, then she woke up with the flu (or something) that made it so she had to sleep most of the day saturday.. So we had to stay in again. I think Heavenly Father is trying to teach me patience and long suffering? That is the conclusion I came to because I was going stir crazy this whole week not being able to work. Im hoping this week we get to go back out and start talking to people again! I have a bit of the beginning symptoms of a cold, so I am trying to battle that as best as possible so that there is no reason that we have to stay in this week. 

So that was our week! Hope yall's was eventful :)
Love you lots! 
Sister Webb

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