Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012 letter

Hello from Georgia! 

Well, I have officially left Tallahassee and I am now in Thomasville GA.... which is a pretty small town just over the state line. (which you can tell that you are crossing the stateline because the roads go from being really nice to not as nice as soon as you see the welcome to GA line haha) It is really really great here, I already love it so much! 

It's been an awesome week. Transfers were crazy, sister Pulsipher and I moved out of our apartment so we had to deep clean everything and throw away all the junk that was left there. Said goodbye to the ward at FHE and to our investigators that we had. :( I really hate goodbyes, I am the worst at them. Sometimes I would rather just leave without it as to avoid the awkward "well, see ya never... have a great life" that you know accompanies some people on a mission. But, we did it anyway and it was good. I have really come to love the people in 5th ward, and because they are my own age they have become really good friends. 

I dont know what it is about being on a mission but you seem to accumulate so much stuff in such a short period of time. I thought i would be good with the suitcases I had because a member who is heading out to UT took a couple post office boxes home for me.... NOT SO! I think one of my suitcases had to weigh at least 100lbs, it was really entertaining to watch the elders try and haul it around for me. 

So anywho, Wednesday morning we headed to transfer spots and the zone leaders took us up to Thomasville to our new apartment. We met the Sr couple (the Larsens) and the elders over there to meet them and have them give us our keys. The Housing couple had already furnished everything and bought us some groceries cause they knew we'd be starving. I love the older couples. Every older couple should serve missions. They bring such a great dynamic to the work. So we spent the day unpacking and going and some food and cleaning supplies for our apt. We went over to the church that night to have dinner with the bishop and to help set up the Christmas Chreshe (some french word that means nativity or something like that) It was really cool. Its a christmas event that they have done the last 4 years and they set up the cultural hall with 100's of nativity scenes on display and they have a live one (without animals) and then they have people from the ward performing christmas music and then they had the mo-tab christmas performance playing in the chapel and they invited the whole community to come and see it. Its a great way to get people in the church and to see what our church looks like. So we helped set up for that and then we were over there saturday night meeting people. 

Thursday we planned in the morning and started finding, meeting members, and working with less actives. around 7ish we got a call from sister Jensen asking us how things were, how our apartment was, if it was pretty big etc. We told her it was great and that it was pretty big and she asked if it was big enough for 3. We were a little confused and told her we only had 1 shower but other than that it was. (oh side story, SO after morning exercises thursday we went to go get ready and I turned on the shower and it was nothing more than a trickle. There was a piece mission from the shower head so there was no way to shower. So we ended up having to wash out hair by just sticking our heads under the faucet and washing it that way. It reminded me of girls camp trying to wash it in the freezing water pumps they had) anywho, SO she told us that we were getting a new sister Friday night that was coming from a different mission that got sent home because of issues with terrible companions and a fall out with the mission president. She was home for about a month but wanted to finish her mission, so the first presidency decided to reassign her to the FTM. They found out she was coming about an hour before they called us to tell us that president chose sister Thompson and I to be her first companions here.  

So friday we had a normal day, we went and did some service for a member, met the knudsons at our apt and rearranged everything so that we had a bed and chairs and desk and what not for the new sister coming in. That night we headed down in the Tallahassee to go with president and sister Jensen to the airport to pick sister Schoppman up. She is a cute girl from Page AZ that has the greenie fire and love for the work even though she was in her other mission for about 10 months. Among her favorite missionary things she really loves to tract, teach, and back out the car. She is really timid but loves the work and loves being a missionary. We went to dinner with the Jensens and then went to their house for 'orientation'  or whatever you want to call it when you come in and they tell you all about the mission, then we headed back to Thomasville. 

Saturday we found an awesome new investigator named Kandace. She let us right in and we taught her all about the restoration and she was really receptive. She is trying to get right with God again and said she'd come to church with us this following sunday, we are teaching her again tonight. 

Saturday night we got a call from the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and he said that there was a death of one of the members of the ward and that the speakers for sunday were all related to her and wouldnt be at church sunday, SO to welcome us into the ward he wanted us 3 to speak in church the following morning.... I felt like I was back in Troy getting called out of the congregation to speak, but it went really good! 

The ward here is AWESOME! I love being in the south and the people are so nice and love the missionaries and I think they realize how lucky they are to have 7 full time missionaries serving in their ward because they all keep talking about how its time to start finding people for us to teach. It is a great area and has incredible people. 

Yesterday night we got to go down to Tally to be the ushers for the messiah performance that the stake put on, which was fun cause I got to see a bunch of people from `1st and 5th ward. There were alot of non members that came and really enjoyed it. 

Its been a fabulous week! Hope yall are enjoying yours! 

Sister Webb

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