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November 26, 2012 letter

Hey everyone! 
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and a great week! 

Thanksgiving for us this week was really weird, but it was great. Last year I was in Troy and we went to 4 different peoples houses and we stuffed ourselves four different times. This year we had just one, but we got to go spend it with President and Sister Jensen. They invited the campus missionaries over because we are in a singles ward and don't have families to spend it with. It was a lot of fun to spend it with them and their daughters family was there too. Something about missionaries make little kids go crazy, cause their grand kids were SUPER hyper. I think it made them a little flustered, but it turned out to be great. 

There were no people on campus for 1/2 the week but we found ways to be productive still. We went and chalked '' and Book of Mormon scriptures all over campus and went and did service for the salvation army. The rest of the time we walked all over campus and talked to the 10 people that happened to be there. 

Yesterday was probably the best day this week. We were at church and there were a couple visitors that were in town for the Florida, FSU game from lakeland and they brought a friend with them that goes to school here, her name is Emilee. She stayed for all 3 meeting and then afterwards we went to talk to her and see how she felt and she kept saying things like "I dont get why people dont think you are christian, you clearly believe in christ" and "I feel the spirit here that I feel other places" and "I really loved it, I feel like I was called to come here. I really just feel like this is where I am suppose to be right now.. maybe not to join, but to help other people have a better understanding" haha she things its not to join, but i am pretty sure it is. :) She said that when her friend converted (about a year ago) that she started asking questions and people were really rude to her for even being curious about it and that she wants to put a stop to that by helping people better understand us... SO we are teaching her on friday. I am really excited. Then after church we went to campus and only had 1/2 hour or so, but sis Pulspiher and I both felt a prompting to talk to this one girl, Ricki, and she said she was actually looking for a church to go to, so we are meeting with her Tuesday. Then we had dinner with the Johnsons and at the end of dinner I stepped out to use the restroom and when i came back they were all saying it was my turn and I was in the spotlight, I had no idea what was going on SO I grabbed my scriptures cause I thought they were all saying it was my turn to give the thought, but instead they were having those of us that will be leaving soon bare our testimonies and talk about what being on a mission has meant to us.... So that was unexpected. Elder Faulkner is leaving this transfer and so he went first and even though I still have one more they decided I should bare mine too. It was really nerve racking to talk about it. It doesnt matter how often you bare your testimony to people everyday, it still is scary to do it in front of lots of people. but honestly, being out here has meant everything to me. I have grown in so many ways and feel so blessed to have been called and given the opportunity to serve. I feel so lucky. Then the Johnsons bore theirs because they are leaving right after transfers (they are the institute couple here that have come to be another set of grandparents to us all) and they are so sweet. Sister Johnson said that her biggest worry was that she was going to be remembered for her food and not for her testimony of Christ. I want to be just like them when I am old, they are such an incredible couple. Then right after that, one of the girls from the ward came in and said that there were two girls that wanted to talk to someone about the church, so since they were girls and we are the sisters we got to talk to them. Turns out they were just writing a paper for a class so they had a bunch of questions but even still, when we were teaching them about all the different things we believe one of the girls kept saying stuff like "I love that" or "that just makes so much sense" They go to FAMU so we gave them the FAMU elders number and so hopefully FAMU will get to teach them more. 

Gerrit is doing great, we had a good lesson on following the prophet and praying always last week. He is having a hard time accepting the answers he is getting cause he says he still doesnt know if there is a God, but he has recieved answers to his prayers so tonight we are going to revisit the restoration and help him to recognize what he has been feeling. He came to church yesterday and the Elders said that he participated in the discussion a lot in Elders quorum, which was awesome! I'd love to see him get baptized, he is one of my favorite investigators that I have gotten to teach on my mission. 

I have been thinking lots about reaching our full potential this week and how God gives us guidelines and commandments to help us reach that potential. Our potential is to become Christlike and to achieve perfection and to live with God again. All of the commandments that are given to us are pointing us towards that goal. When we chose to only follow a select few of the commandments then we will never reach that full potential. It takes a power beyond ourselves to be able to reach it and that is why we have the atonement to help us go just a little further and make up the difference. The closer we come to that goal, the closer we come to God and to the spirit and through those things we find happiness. There are so many things that can distract us from finding that happiness, but I know that when we put God first and fulfill our purpose here on earth that we will be able to be with him again. If you feel like you are not reaching your potential, evaluate your life and find ways to bring it closer in harmony with Gods commandments and you will have a greater amount of happiness in your life. 

I love you all! have a great week! 
Sister Webb

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