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December 17, 2012 letter

Hello everyone!
So we are still trying to figure out how to get everything done we need to get done p-days while in a car share with the elders, So time is REALLY short because we finally got the car and the housing couple showed up to inspect our apt so we waited around for them for a while and an hour later finally got to come to the library.
PHEW! Ok. So my mind is going a million miles an hour, but I will attempt to tell you about our week this week because it was great! I cant believe ive already been in Thomasville for almost two weeks. This area is so great! the people, the culture, the ward, my companions. Its just awesome. I love it.
So weve been trying to get everything all ready and set up as far as maps and getting to know members go, also done alot of finding. We dont have any crazy awesome finding experiences, but we did get a new investigator at one of our dinner appointments which was cool. We were super stressed because we let the elders borrow the car to go out to contact a media referral and they were suppose to have it back to us in time to go to our dinner appt at 630. well it came 620 and they still hadnt gotten it back to us, so we called them and they had gotten boxed in and were trying to find someone to come move a car to let them out and couldnt, so we ended up having to get a member to come get us and we were 45 minutes late to dinner. Luckily we had already met this sister and she was ok with us being that late and that is when dustin was there. at the end of our dinner we were talking about her studies and what she has been learning and he kept coming in and out of the room (he is her nieces friend) and finally he just sat down and we started to talk to him. He has had alot of bad experiences with churches but he is saerching for God right now because he is going through a rough time. So we gave him a book of mormon and we are going to teach him this week.
We also had the 1/2 mission christmas party this week which was fun. President and Sister Jensen put so much work into it, it was incredible. We watched clips of the savior and listened to christmas music and he had a bunch of missionaries testify of the savior and then at the end we got to watch Brave. haha. They let us watch a movie every year, which is cool. Sister Jensen talked about how brave we were for coming out and serving the lord and then we watch it. I was really distracted the last 15 minutes or so because I knew that as soon as it was over I was going to have to give my final testimony, so I wasnt really paying attention but it was a really cute movie. SO yeah, I have now given my final testimony that they make all the missionaries do their last zone conference. I kept myself together while I was up talking but I cried forever afterwards. I cant belive its so close to being over. Its a really strange feeling to be in my last transfer. Dont worry though, im not trunky, there is too much to do to be trunky :)
Other fun things that happened this week. Thomasville has a christmas event every year called victorian christmas. Downtown thomasville still has old cobblestone roads so they shut down the streets for a couple nights in December and a whole bunch of people from the community dress up in old victorian style get up and walk around and there are a bunch of booths and performances and what not that are all over the place and you can go look through all the old shops down town so we went contacting there one night. It was really cool, the best part was probably where they had a small fenced in area where they created a pile of snow and let kids come in for a couple minutes to play in it haha. It was really cute.
We also had our ward christmas party saturday. The ward here is amazing. they are so giving and love the missionaries and are excited to do missionary work. There were some less actives that came to the party, so that was great to get to meet them there. The ward gave us a big old christmas box full of little things like toothbrushes and soap and toilet paper and a scarf and the elders got ties and snacks and such. it was really cute. They had santa come for the kids and they all got a treat.
Church was great again. We ended up going to help with the primary because they were short on teachers so we were in with the 4 year olds. haha there were like 10 of them and they are a handful! We went and drove through a church
Christmas is next week and I hope you all enjoy it and that you have gotten some time to think about Christ and all that he has done for us.
I am so grateful to be spending another christmas in the field and that I have the opportunity to teach of christ while celebrating his birth this season. Merry Christmas.
Love.Sister Webb

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