Friday, January 4, 2013

December 31, 2012 letter

Happy new years eve. I cant believe 2012 is almost over! it feels like yesterday that it started. I hope everyone had a great christmas and from what I hear there is tons of snow at home.
This week has been interesting. I have learned alot this transfer, and they are all lessons that I definetly didnt expect to learn.
I think I have briefly mentioned it in other emails, but one of my companions, sis thomson, is having some health problems that are causing her not to be able to walk for very long periods of time. This week has gotten alot worse. It was the elders turn for the car and as such we havent been able to really go out and teach at all. Not the christmas that I expected at all. Each day we find productive things that we can do at the apartment and if we can, we find someone to drive us somewhere to teach a couple lessons. we dont have any investigators because we cant go find, so we teach less actives and active members.
Wednesday, after having had to stay in most of the day, she had a small break down because she cant really be a missionary in the condition she is in. We talked for a while and she started to talk about going home to get better. I told her she needed to council with president about it, but she didnt want to. Sister Schoppmann and I both felt prompted that we should suggest fasting together. As soon as I said it, she said "I was just about to say the same thing" So we decided to fast for sister Thomson to figure out what to do. Just a few minutes after we started our fast, President Jensen called. After they talked for a couple minutes they decided that its best to have her come down to tally to talk with him. SO off we went to Tallahassee the next day. We sat down and he said what are you thinking? and she said maybe home is the best option for me right now because I cant be a missionary. He looked paniced. There are a billion new sisters coming and and they have no idea how to get them all trained and here is sister Thomson, one of the best sisters telling him that she is going home. Sister Jensen, Schoppmann and I went into the other room so they could talk. I told sis Jensen what we had talked about and what I had seen over the week and she started making phonecalls to find a doctor. Its been really crazy, but sis Thomson is going to see a nurologist on wednesday to see if they can find anything that is causing it. He says shes not going home, but she feels like she is hindering the work and is pretty determined to go if the doctor wednesday cant figure anything out. SO, that is how our week went. alot of crying. alot of comforting. and alot of down time in the apartment.
Needless to say this was not how I expected to spend my last transfer. After talking to sis Thomson, President pulled me in to talk with him and he said that alot of the time he doesnt get to interview the exiting missionaries because of how long transfers take here so he wanted to have an exit interview with me. We talked about how by my standard and what we had talked about before he put me up here this transfer was supose to be another 'ideal' situation. I am in GA which is exactly where I wanted to go. I am opening an area. I am working with awesome elders, and He put me with one of the hardest working sisters we have in the mission. But despite what seems to be perfect, things happen and she started to have health problems.
I have had alot of time to think this week about the lessons I can learn from everything that has happened and from the situation that we are all in. I can tell y'all that I have learned a whole lot about mouring with those that mourn and comforting those that need comfort. I have learned to be patient through trials and definetly be more selfless. I have two companions that are going through alot of emotional struggles and as easy and it would be to think about myself and home and the struggles I am going through trying to deal with the saddness that comes with realizing that I am almost done, but I have been able to put it aside and help them through what they are going through. I looked back over my mission and thought of all the success that I had, especially in the first 6 months of my mission. I think Heavenly father blessed me with that because there would be other things that I would need to be here for besides to baptize in the later part of my mission.
I dont know how much I will get to teach over the next couple weeks. But I know that there are other lessons to be learned and other work to be done and I am grateful for the chance I have to serve my companions. I hope she doesnt have to go home, but its been great to watch her be so postive through it all. I know that she will come back as soon as she can because of her love for the work.
I hope that everyone has a great week!
Love yall!
Sister Webb

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