Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013 letter

Well, This is my last letter, and I am not really sure what to say in it. Part of me just wants to say see yall in 4 days and call it good, but I dont know if I will do that.
This week has been the same. Sister Thomsons health issues have not let up at all, So she will be coming home as a departing missionary on thursday with the rest of us. Its been a very emotional week for all of us. 
This week I feel like I have learned alot about little victories. We worked less than ever this week, but we had a few small successes. I have come to really appriciate those moments, when in any other area I would cast them aside and not really think I did anything successful or noteworthy. This week we tracked down a less active that has had a wrong address on the roster for a really long time. For us, that was a big sucess considering most days we dont even really get to leave the apartment. I was really grateful for that moment. I have been writing down 5 tender mercies a day this transfer and its been a struggle alot of the times to find them, but I have learned to really appriciate those small blessings that often get over looked. I have come to learn that life is never going to be what we plan, but having a negative attitude never helps. God is always there and his plan is much greater than ours, so if we look for those blessings we will be happy in all of lifes storms.
I will end my last testimony with a simple testimony to you all. I know that this gospel is the gospel of jesus christ restored to the earth. I know that living it is the way to be happy. I know that Christ suffered for us so that we could find happiness in the midst of our sadness, pain, lonliness, feelings of inadequacy, and weaknesses. I know that the holy ghost is real and prompts us to do the things we need to do to help ourselves and to help others. I know that God had a plan for each of us. I know that we have the commandments for a reason and they will keep us save. I have come to know and love the scriptures so much, Especially the book of mormon. I know that it can answer any questions we have about life. I know that My savior lives and he and his father in heaven love us and are watching out for us .I know I can turn to them for anything. I know that families are eternal and that they are also a big part of our heavenly fathers plan. I am so grateful for my chance to serve a mission and for all my many blessings!
I love you all so much!
See you in a couple days!
Sister Webb